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We have been providing educational tours and packages for school and college students in India and abroad for a long time now, whether organised on a national or an international level. We always abide by the security norms and provide our packages and educational tours depending on the number of candidates and the purpose of their tour. Organising and managing Educational and Schools tours and packages is quite demanding & challenging job but through our persistent efforts, we have been able to dictate it in such a manner that the area of educational tours and packages in India and abroad has become one of our specialised services.

Our team enjoys the honour of organising plenty of educational tours for students of some of the best colleges and educational institutions in India such as Frankfinn Air Hostess Academy, Indian Institute of Hotel Management, Ambala School of Management and many other leading schools, colleges and other educational institutions in India and abroad.

We strictly adhere to our three MANTRAS while we organize any trip i.e, SAFETY and SECURITY, HYGIENE and COMFORT.

Ghum India Ghum offer various historical and cultural tours, wildlife and birding tours, spiritual and pilgrimage tours, adventure sports tours, temple tours, and a host of other customizable tour educational tour packages to educational institution for their students .