Cooking Classes in Jaipur with Ghum India Ghum

Experience the Flavors of India: Cooking Classes in Jaipur with Ghum India Ghum

For centuries, India is known for its spices and flavors, so what could be better than sampling some of the country’s native cuisine alongside a culinary expert? And what better way to start your learning journey than from Jaipur, the Pink City of India. Here you can immerse yourself in our enriching Jaipur cooking classes. Ghum India Ghum offers an authentic insight into the art of Indian cuisine hosted by local families. These cooking classes run daily for 3-4 hours each in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Join a homemaker by trade and passionate cook for a taste of Indian cuisine at the best cooking class in Jaipur. In addition to satisfying your palate, this participatory event will educate you on Rajasthani cuisine, which is well-known throughout the nation. You will learn how to prepare these exquisite dishes from beginning to end, from the appetizers to the main course, so that you may impress your friends and family with delicious Indian cuisine when you return home.
Here are the things you can expect in the cooking class –

  • In the class, you will be welcomed by a drink offered by the family, which varies according to the season and can include tea, chai, lassi, lemonade, sharbat, or any other beverage. This will refresh you to start your cooking session.
  • Starters: Learn how to make these dishes by hand. Starters are a big deal in India and can be considered a mini meal that you can make at home and enjoy. These are to keep your taste buds active and to enjoy while the main entrée is being prepared.
  • Main Course: Rajasthani cuisine is known for its spicy, hearty, and incredibly filling main courses. Our star chef ensures that your meal is cooked to perfection, allowing you to enjoy it in peace and without having to work up a sweat. It consists of lentils, one seasonal vegetable, chapati, naan, or any type of Indian bread, along with some sweetness and other ingredients that will undoubtedly improve the overall flavour of the dish.
    While savoring the delicious Rajasthani cuisine, you can discuss any questions you may have with the host about the cooking class and the meal.
    You will learn about Indian cuisine in our cooking classes, with a focus on the cuisine of Jaipur and Rajasthan. The class will also share some of the best recipes that will come in handy when you prepare. You’ll discover the components, methods, and techniques involved in preparing particular dishes. Come discover one of the best food tours in India with a dedicated chef and elevate your Indian culinary experience.

The cooking classes are pre-booked and held in homes, giving you the opportunity to meet an Indian family and discover their lifestyle—particularly about food. Experience Jaipur to the fullest by engaging with a family and learning about Indian eating customs. Discover more by attending one of our cooking classes.

You will receive a customised learning experience whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, with family and friends, or in a group. All our culinary lessons are private and only open to individuals who are travelling together.

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