Visiting Khajuraho in February-Here’s What You Can Do

Visiting Khajuraho in February-Here’s What You Can Do

Who does not know why Khajuraho is so famous? The temples and the erotic sculptures of men and women grab the attention of thousands of visitors around the world. But people nowadays want to spend their happy weekend away from crowds and noise. And that is why you are reading this blog. This blog will give you the most offbeat ideas to spend your winter vacation at peace.Pack your sweaters and mufflers, Khajuraho is just a few hours away! Oh, wait! Call the best travel companies in India. How else are you going to Khajuraho?

Sunrise in the old town and Sunset at the Ajaigarh Fort

Sunrise in the old town and Sunset at the Ajaigarh Fort

Start your day with a good morning walk in the streets of Khajuraho. Enjoy the morning bliss with a kulhad chai in the old town of Khajuraho. What can be better than this? You will be amazed that an old village with mud cottages and rustic huts has roadways cleaner than many upgraded cities in India. One can never know the uniqueness and diversity of a place if they don’t take a stroll in the streets. The natives, their lifestyle, foods, and clothes speak the culture of that place. 

How about Some Classical Dance

After you spend an entire day on the streets of Khajuraho, come to the Ajaigarh Fort. It is 80 kilometers away from Khajuraho. It is better to ask your travel agents in Delhi to arrange a car. Ajaigarh Fort speaks the history of the Chandela kings. The mighty Vindhya range borders the fort. Enjoy the sunset from the roof of Ajaigarh Fort, just like a Bollywood movie. 

How about Some Classical Dance?

If you are on a 3-day tour to Khajuraho, you cannot spend the entire night at the Ajaigarh Fort. The dance festival in the month of February is too much to miss out on. Khajuraho dance festival is one of the most popular festivals in Khajuraho. A true lover of art and culture never gives up the chance to watch it. The festival begins mainly during the last weeks of February. 

A Must-Visit Museum of Khajuraho

Artists from different parts of India gather to perform classical dance forms like Odissi, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, and Kathakali. The adorned sculptures and lighting of the Khajuraho temples add a majestic background to the festival. Ask your operator about the best time to visit India.

A Must-Visit Museum of Khajuraho

So your day one is spent viewing the old town, fort, and dance festival. Begin your second day with a visit to the State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art. It is situated in the Chandela Cultural Complex. This museum will show a series of old and ancient relics and artifacts. 

Tribal and Folk Art

Tour operators in India are well aware of your choice. They will take you to the Chandela Cultural Complex. Khajuraho is home to many tribal communities. This museum has brought the uniqueness and diversity of their cultures under one roof. The works of tribal artisans tell the stories of their livelihood. You also learn about their histories and folklore. 


You can spend your last day of the Khajuraho trip visiting temples or an Ayurvedic spa. Ayurvedic spas are great for rejuvenating your stressed body and mind because you must return to your old boring life soon.

Contact travel agencies in India today. They will tell you about the best time to visit Khajuraho. However, you can also visit Khajuraho during the off-season. You will get pocket-friendly India tour packages with amazing discounts. 

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