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Old Delhi- Central Delhi- New Delhi-South Delhi
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Itinerary/Tour Details

Cycle tour in Delhi is one of the best ways to explore a historical city like Delhi, you can go to any end of narrow lanes of old Delhi streets, This guide tour is organised by local travel experts and tour guides of the same area. We Categorised the tours further into four tours which covers the length and breadth of Delhi city including visit to all major places to visit in Delhi. All our cycle tours start in the morning so that you can ride cycle safely by avoiding rush hours, We take care of all safety standards during the cycle tour delhi. We have two tours which cover the Old Delhi cycle tour named as Shah Jahan and Yamuna tour. Central Delhi Cycle tour is named as Raj Tour and South Delhi Cycle tour is Named as Nizamuddin Tour. We provide little experience of food tours in Delhi also by going for Tea, snack and breakfast breaks during the tours. Ghum India Ghum which is a leading tour travel agent in Delhi is organising such cycel tours in all mojor historical cities. 

Cycling Tour cost Rs 1800 per person

Old Delhi Cycle Tours -Shah Jahan, Yamuna 
New Delhi Cycle Tour- Raj Tour 
South Delhi Cycle Tour - Nizamuddin Tour

1. Yamuna Tour (Timings 6.30AM to 10.30AM) | Old Delhi Cycle tour
​Most of the historical capital of several kingdoms were built on the bank of rivers of Canals, Same is with Delhi also oldest part of Delhi which acted as capital during mughal times are situated on the bank of River Yamuna. This tour includes cycling around the Yamuna river route. Starts from Little lanes of Shahjahanabad, than cycling around great walls of the Red Fort, next stop is Nigambodh Ghat (Cremation ghat of Delhi) situated on the bank of river yamuna, Later visit to popular Gahts where migratory birds circling above the calm waters of Yamuna during cycle tours in Old Delhi, also unravels the ritualistic devotion with which the Hindus treat the historic river.

Highlights​/ Route map ​:​-​ ​Starting point :- ​Delite Cinema ​​- ​Chawri Bazar​- Turkman Gate​ ​-​ Chandni Chowk ​-​ Red Fort ​-​ ​at ​Yamuna River​ bank​ (​Indian ​chai/tea break) ​- Iconic ​St. James Church ​- Important ​Old Delhi Railway Station ​-​ Chandni Chowk ​-​ Jama Masjid ​-​ ​Delicious ​breakfast at Karim’s restaurant ​-​ Delite Cinema  ​(Ending Point)​

2. Shah Jahan Tour (Timings 6.30AM to 10.30AM)| | Old Delhi Cycle tour
The Shah Jahan Tour is an Old Delhi Cycle tour​ and this is our most sellable old Delhi cycle tour in Delhi, It Includes​​ classic glimpse into times ​and life ​of the Mughal​ rulers​,​ Specially​ Shah Jahan and the 1500 acre​ huge area​ of his capital ​known as Shahjahanabad. ​When Shah Jahan was building Delhi as his capital during the 17th Century, it was regarded as the most prosperous and beautiful city in the world.  

Highlights​/ Route Map​:​-​ Starting point​ ​Delite Cinema ​-​ Turkman Gate ​- ​Chawri Bazar ​-​ Fatehpuri Masjid ​-​ Spice Market ​- ​Madras Colony ​- ​Civil Lines (​Indian tea/​chai break) ​-​ Old Delhi railway station ​-​ Chandni Chowk ​- ​Red Fort (from outside) -​ ​Jama Masjid (from outside) ​-​ ​Yummy breakfast at Karim’s restaurant ​-​ Delite Cinema (Ending Point)​

3. Raj Tour (Timings 6.30AM to 10.30AM) | Central Delhi Cycle tour
The Raj ​Cycle ​tour is a​ fascinating ride down Delhi’s history.​ This Delhi cycle tour starts from the narrow back lanes of Old Delhi, passing through old ‘socialist-style’ ​​​government quarters​ for their​ employees​, Ride through Connaught Place which is heart of Delhi and Central point of Delhi​ and almost​ stunning​ landing in the midst of a​ iconic and breath-taking​ view of the Presidential Palace​ situated on Raisina hill​ and​​ ​​India Gate​ surrounded​ by spotless clean, tree-lined wide roads​. ​the Raj Tour ​or Central Delhi cycle tour ​is a​ quite​ comprehensive catalogue of the lives of ​Delhi ​people who make this great capital today. ​You can witness the big changes when traveling from Old Delhi to Central Delhi. ​​​

Highlights​/ Route Map​:​-​ Delite Cinema​(Starting Point)​-  Ajmeri Gate​​ ​- ​Paharganj​(old Delhi) ​- Connaught Place​( Indian​ Chai​/tea​ Break ​) ​- Parliament House ​- ​President House ​- ​Rajpath ​-​ India Gate ​-​ Agrasen Ki Baoli​ (Stepwell in Delhi)​ ​-​ Dhobi Ghat ​-​ Breakfast at Bengali Sweet ​-​ Delite Cinema  ​(End Point)​

4. Nizamuddin Tour  (Timings 6.30AM to 10.30AM AND 1.15PM to 5.00 PM) | South Delhi Cycle tour
A stimulating and ambitious introduction to the many lives of “Dilli” re-lived in true​ Ghum India Ghum​ style: through the​ several​ lanes of Delhi ​-​ the Nizamuddin tour​ guide take​ you through a ​lanes which is famous ​for ​mystics, poets, rebels, saints​, ​forgotten Kings, nameless tombs​ and​ refugee colonies​,​ ​ You will see different shades of lives which are quite contrast to each other on your south Delhi cycle tour and​ ​its ​neighbourhoods. Starting ​from over-700-year-old settlement of Nizamuddin ​village, ​this tour hacks its way through the 21st-century concrete jungle​​ and flashy lights of South Delhi to show you a city alive in unimaginable fragments. Cycle on rent in Delhi

Highlights​/ Route map​: Nizamuddin Sufi village​(starting Point)​ ​- ​Humayun’s Tomb ​-​ Hope Project including rooftop view ​-​ Nehru Stadium ​- ​Kotla Mubarakpur village ​-​ Lodhi Garden (picnic) ​-​ Khan Market ​-​ Golf Links ​-​ Nizamuddin village ​(Ending Point)​


Cycling Tour Inclusion

- Well maintained comfortable city bicycles
- Two English/Hindi speaking guides
- Chai (traditional Indian tea) & biscuits
- A bottle of mineral water
- Breakfast/picnic (location depends on chosen tour)
- Helmets (optional, on request)
- Baby seat (optional, on request)
- GST