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Tour Guide Services

Ghum India Ghum is a leading travel agent in Delhi and it also provides Government approved tour guides both Male and Female Guides for almost
all foreign languages for Tours in all cities of India.


We provide Tourist Guides with qualities like :

  • A self-confidence and clear voice guide when speaking in public.
  • To be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject.
  • To be able to remember large amounts of information in Details.
  • To be able to keep track of people in the big & Large groups.
  • Flexibility, able to handle with emergencies or unexpected incidents.
  • Have Patience to handle all type of Situation
  • To provide a high quality of customer service.
  • Expert in foreign language as demanded by guest, if working with non-English speaking tourists.

Ghum India Ghum provide Government recognised Tourist Guides for India Tours for :

  • our famous areas tour guide in delhi, tour guide in Agra, tour guide for Jaipur, tour guide for Udaipur
  • Taking visitors or guest to all around cities as well as to famous religious sites, historic buildings, heritage sites, gardens,etc
  • Providing detailed information and Knowledge about famous site's history, purpose, inhabitants, architecture, furniture, paintings, ornaments, Flora and wildlife on India tour.
  • Help in planning and directing visitors to other places of interest and related sites in India.

We also deals in Specialised Tour & Travel Guides and Escorts for :

  • Wilde Life Tours
  • School and College Educational Tours
  • Information Technology and other Scientific Tours
  • Tribal and Village Tours
  • Pilgrimage Tours

Ghum India Ghum travel company provides well trained, well informed Tourist Guides and fluent in following languages :

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Chinese


**All tours are organised and managed by government authorised travel agency and guides. Ghum India Ghum is registered with Government of Delhi(India) under act 1932 no. 9 and Also registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India & Tourism Department of India.