Top 10 beautiful valleys in India that you must explore once in your lifetime

Top 10 beautiful valleys in India that you must explore once in your lifetime

India is the homeland of many beautiful places. Once a year, you all love to travel, which eases your busy schedule. Thus, the following are the top beautiful valleys in India, where you can travel with the proper guidance of travel agents in Delhi. These valleys in India offer you beautiful scenic beauty, attractive local spots, cultural art, wide species of wildlife, etc.

Here you can make solo travel and a trip with family and friends. Also, these places are the best honeymoon destination spot. Couples can enjoy every single bit of the beauty surrounding them.

  • Liddar Valley, Kashmir:  Nubra Valley is located in the northernmost part of Jammu and Kashmir, 150 km from Leh. This valley is popular for its panoramic views and includes Bactrian camels, orchards, and monasteries. It is also best known as the Orchard of Ladakh. The habitant of the valleys is predominantly Buddhist, and several Buddhist monasteries offer lessons. You can find the agriculture of a wide variety of fruits like walnuts, apples, almonds, apricots, and crops like wheat, barley, etc. Tour operators in Delhi can easily guide you to the place.
  • Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh: Parvati Valley is located in the Kullu district, 248.8 km from the city. This valleys in India catches the tourist eye, with the aura of the meadow spreading its picaresque beauty here and there.
  • The popular places are Choj Bridge, Parliament Square, and Jamadagni Rishi Temple.
  • Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh: Most tourists visit Kangra Valley for its beautiful mountains, tea gardens, Dharmashala, and mostly for the Masroor Rock CutTemple, Jwala Devi, and Baijnath temple. It is located in Bhagalpur, 14.9 km from the city.
  • Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh: It is eminent for its outstanding beauty. So, it is one of the famous tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. It is located in Marengo Rangarig stands, between two countries of Tibet and India, 440.7 km from the city. This valley is the home to Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary and Pin Valley National Park. If you are a family person, then traveling to Himachal Pradesh, all my own, is troublesome. So, book travel agencies in Delhi that make your trip simple.
  • Dibang valley, Arunachal Pradesh: Dibang Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh, and it is located in the Dibang district. Tourists get attracted by its beautiful mountains clad with snow, and its forest widened. Because pine trees, wildlife, and breath-catching waterfalls flow through the hills, they all show their beauty from every essence.
  • Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh: Araku Valley is located in Andhra Pradesh, near Vishakhapatnam,114 km from the city. This place is famous for its beautiful landscape, hilly area, and wide variety of vegetation. The journey that takes you to the Araku valley is a mind-blowing one. So, it makes you witness various bridges and forty-odd tunnels, and the experience is memorable.
  • Nubra Valley, Leh Ladakh: Nubra Valley is also entitled as the Triam valley, situated in Leh. This place is mainly for adventure lovers because you find snow-clad mountains, ruined old palaces, and ancient gompas. Here also, you can try camel and ATV rides.
  • Yumthang Valley, Sikkim: Sikkim’s Yumthang Valley is located in Lachung. In Lachung, this valley is a tourist attraction spot because of its wide variety of flower sanctuaries, forests, heart-throbbing rivers with continuous rippling sounds, rolling meadows, and grazing yaks. And the whole valley is surrounded by indescribable snow-clad mountains and fog. But if you want to travel to this place peacefully, go with a travel company in Delhi that makes your trip easy, breezy, and happy.
  • Shravathi valley, Karnataka: Shravathi valley is located in the Shivamogga district in the Sharavathi River, Valley of Sagar Taluk. It lies in the Western Ghats, and this place is popular for its lush green forest in the valleys. The forest sanctuary has a wide range of rich species like Gulmauv, Dhoopa, Mavu, Nandi, etc., harboring various beautiful wildlife species. But you can freely enjoy your trip by hiring a travel company in India.
  • Dzokou Valley, Nagaland: Dzoukou valley is located in northeastern India at the borders of Nagaland and Manipur. The tourist attraction spot of Dzokou valley is its beautiful natural environment with varieties of flower sanctuaries. Basically, of flora, fauna, and the hills where you feel you can roll down easily.

So are you ready for an awesome valley trip? I hope this article is helpful, guides you through all the valleys, and helps you decide where you would like to visit.

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