Treks in Himachal Pradesh You Must Go in Your Life

Treks in Himachal Pradesh You Must Go in Your Life

Treks in Himachal Pradesh is the ideal destination for travelers who want to explore the unexplored. Travelers willing to witness the rustic local lifestyle while tasting serenity should definitely visit Himachal Pradesh. Only treks can give your the closest view of the mighty Himalayas. Therefore, many people like to go on treks to feed their adrenaline drive. Thus, travel companies in Delhi are creating tour plans mainly focused on trekking.

If you are not attracted by the hustle-bustle of a popular hill station, trekking will be food for your soul. The number of trekkers is exponentially increasing every year. Consequently, the best trekking trails in Himachal are gaining more popularity. To illustrate, here are some of the best treks you can try while in Himachal Pradesh-

  1. Triund Trek
Triund trek tour package

Being one of the easiest treks in India, the Triund trek is popular among travelers. This 6-kilometer trekking trail starts from Gallu Devi Temple near Dharamkot and ends at Triund. Moreover, everyday many tour operators in Delhi plan trekking trips to Triund for many travelers.

  1. Hampta Pass
Hampta Pass Tour Package

Another one of the famous trekking trails of Himachal Pradesh, the Hampta Pass trek, is full of nature and the view of the Himalayas. The trek starts from Kullu and ends at Chandra Valley of Lahaul.

  1. Bhrigu Lake
Bhrigu Lake tour package

The serenity and pristineness of the route will definitely make you fall in love with the Bhrigu Lake trek. This trip is one of the shortest treks to reach the destination. It is a kind of shrine as the destination is the home to Bhrigu Maharishi, where many everyday visitors come to take blessings every day.

  1. Kheerganga Trek
Kheerganga Trek tour package

Kheerganga Trek is one of the most popular treks in Himachal that many travel companies in Delhi cover. It is not only famous for its spectacular trekking trails but as a heavenly travel destination for those who love offbeat destinations. Additionally, it is one of the shortest routes, stretched over 12 kilometers which takes merely 5-6 hours to complete.

  1. Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar Lake trek opens to a 180° view of the Pir Panjal and Kinnaur ranges and a mighty view of the Dhuladhar range. One of the two routes to Prashar Lake goes through Jwalpur village, and the other passes through Baggi village. To sum up, the first route is great for beginners that takes you to a winter wonderland.

  1. Indrahar Pass Trek
Indrahar Pass Trek tour package

The Indrahar Pass Trek is one of the famous treks that starts from Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The trek begins from the Kangra Valley and guides you to till Ravi River basin while endowing you with the captivating beauty of the Dhauladhar ranges throughout the trekking trail. Finally, choose one of the best tour operators in Delhi to get geared up for such a splendid trek.


With the changing demands of travelers, the whole idea of tourism has changed. Traveling, nowadays, does not only mean walking through the mall road and shopping for titbits for your near and dear ones. It consists of thrills and adventures that stay with you for life.

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