Places to Visit in Neil Island

Neil Island is third most popular island of Andaman Island and it is know for its unmatched biodiversity and hugely dense tropical forests and never ending greenery complemented by white sand beaches and exceptionally rich coral reefs. Situated at 37kms from capital city Port Blair you can reach Neil by ferry from Port Blair and Havelock islands. Neil Island is know called as Shaheed Dweep which is a beautiful small island spread over area of 13.6 square kms and most of the island is covered with forest and it is blessed with many rock made natural bridges which are one of the main attraction point of this island along with pristine beaches in Neil Island. Neil Island is less crowded, less commercialised and it is perfectly suited for people who like relaxing vacation in Andaman, far from the hue and cry of Cities and into the wonderful world of complete serenity. Ghum India Ghum which is a leading travel agents for Andaman or Travel agency for Andaman is here with list of places to visit in Neil Island or Things to do in Neil Island.

1) Bharatpur Beach
This beach located quite close to the Neil Island Jetty and very nice place to visit in Neil. It is most visited and most commercialised beach in Neil Island and Only beach where water sports activities are available in Neil Island. You can choose from many options such as Jet Skiing, Glass Bottom Boat Rides, Scuba diving in Neil island, Snorkeling and many more which give you option of spending quality and adventure time with your loved one. Bharatpur Beach is surrounded by cyan-colored sea and it is 2.2kms from another famous Laxmanpur Beach. 

2) Laxmanpur Beach – Laxmanpur Beach is second most beautiful beach in Andaman after Radhanagar beach and the best beach in Neil Island. This beach really have very beautiful shoreline with crystal clear blue water filled with white sand beach that will definitely grab your feet as you walk towards it. The best part about Laxmanpur Beach is that it is triangular in shape surrounded by dense forest one side and mesmerizing sea on the other side. Forest near beach have lot of benches and huts where you can sit and watch the waves. Most of the viral pics of the Neil Island on internet are from this Beach only. You can spend quality time here with family and loved one by Shell Hunting, clicking beautiful pictures and stunning Sunset Viewing.

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3) Howrah Bridge
This natural rock formation is located at  Laxmanpur beach 2 and it is famously called as the Howrah Bridge. This rock formation took place due to years of water flow from the rocky hill nearby. This natural bridge is not visible from the Laxmanpur beach and you have to take a left from the Laxmanpur beach shoreline to reach there. The bridge is only accessible during low tide as the pathway is covered by wild waves during high tide. This is most important place to visit in Neil Island and taking selfie with this Natural bridge is most common thing to do in Neil Island.

4) Sitapur BeachSitapur – Beach is situated at the other side of the Neil island, located at 4.6kms from the jetty point and famous for the best Sunrise view point in Andaman. This beach have rocky shore and not suitable for swimming, This beach is famous for warm morning sunlight and fresh breeze. This beach have curved shoreline surrounded by tropical trees. Many Luxury resorts in Neil Island are build in and around this beach such as Summer Sands Beach Resort, The Aura Resort and many more.

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5) Ramnagar BeachRamnagar – Beach is the least visited famous and least famous tourist attraction in Neil Island which definitely deserves more attention than it normally gets and thats why we are including this beach in Neil in our blog. This beach is situated near the Sitapur Beach in an off area and is mostly regarded as a private beach by many hotels in Neil Island and this beach is very close to Atreya Mangrove Point.


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