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Yoga Teachers Training in Manchester

Yoga Teachers Training in Manchester

Duration: 28 Days

28 Days
Per Person

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If for any reason, it becomes difficult for you to reach India For Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, you can still avail benefits of the traditional Indian yoga here in Manchester, UK with qualified Indian teachers who have given their lives for the elevation of individuals for better and happier living.

Yoga Teachers Training in Manchester recognised by Yoga Alliance International, The course is for those who already practice yoga and want to deepen their knowledge.

Developing awareness that everything we need is already within us and that the practices can lead us to access our gifts and beauty from the inside out is the best part of this training. Yoga Teachers Training manchester course provide you experience a great way to find long-lasting happiness, peace and the ability to share the yogic lifestyle with others. Our authentic yoga teacher training in UK course is recognised by Yoga Alliance International. 
Aims of the course:

  • Provide a detailed overview of yoga exercises,
  • Understand the distinction that exists between gymnastic activities and yoga practices,
  • Acquire the perception of sensations and inner changes that occurs during the practice,
  • Develop a mastery of techniques suitable for the development of solid professionalism,
  • Train and make the students able to teach yoga.


  • Being friendly with basic aspects of Yoga
  • Being available to practice regularly and to make individual exercise
  • Attitude to accept yogic ethics rules

Main topics:

  • Yoga: Its history and philosophical basic concepts. Different or various Indian schools of Yoga
  • Asana’s: postures, single postures study, their effect on organs, systematic study of a postures sequence
  • Yogic Anatomy: Human body structure and detail about its behavior, developing a deep knowledge to easily manage professional challenges with confidence and competence, including comparison with the Eastern vision (chakra's, energy channels, etc.)
  • Pranayama: the science of breathing, vital energy control. Training for correct breathing and for breath use in order to improve mental skills
  • Internalization and concentration techniques: a systematic study of the different relaxation, concentration, visualization techniques
  • Meditation: different meditation techniques comparison. Tantric meditation practice
  • Proper communications: clear-cut lessons to improve or advance information transmission quality
  • How to organize a yoga training

How to organize a yoga training
The second part (advanced course) is 300 hours long. This part of the training goes into more detail, so the prerequisite is having attended the basic course (200 hours), or, alternatively, having enough Yoga experience to be able to follow the teaching at a subtle level. Students have already a good mastery of basic yoga concepts, they use to practice regularly on their own, they have an appropriate lifestyle. Specific items are studied in detail, for example, biomechanics, key muscles in the breathing process, postures keeping time. Traditional breathing techniques are shown, considering those that are still valid and those that were overcome by more updated versions, including the principle of the yogic state of the art. Teachers will provide guidelines on how to teach the correct breathing, giving tips to make breathing exercises safe and effective. They will teach ways and objectives of inhaling and exhale timings, besides those traditional Pranayama exercises that will be the maximum expression of the whole process. Ultimately, breathing study needs to overcome the pure physical evaluation that is the biomechanics matter. 

Main Topics 
Breathing biomechanics including inspiratory and expiratory muscles, stating the specific muscular structures. The aim is to expand the proprioceptive skill related to breathing. After this first level, the breath will be considered as an activity made with muscles help. So here are the breathing stages, each of them with a specific capacity and with a specific relation with the next stage. Everyone will consider each stage, to understand the related psychical aspects: what we can feel while inhaling, what while exhaling and in breaks. Once completed this topic, students will access to a higher level, going from breath to energy, so: Definition of Vayu, a link between breathing and energy, how energy is shown, accordingly to Vayu concept. Prana, Apana and Samana, besides Vyana and Udana, for a general overview. In this way, students will be able to start from the physical and biomechanical level and reach very subtle of sensitivity and perception. To facilitate the above-mentioned objectives achievement, teachers will introduce their students to the Mantra's study. Mantra's are a basic tool, they are easy to be practiced. They are immediately rewarding, they facilitate breathing expansion and awareness. To complete the program, Yoga Nidra theory and practice will be introduced, with some techniques practice. So, students will have a clear understanding of the various consciousness levels, that is of the way in which the consciousness itself can perceive the external reality. Meditation This is the main topic, as this is the last aim of Yoga discipline, so teachers will enhance some known concepts and will show further exercises, to go beyond theory and mental knowledge getting into the pure spirituality sphere. Living in Harmony. Meditation is a key practice in the yogic path, and its goal is to put us in contact with our divine nature, to let us understand that we are one with the Infinite Love, pervading everything. Through the regular practice of meditation, we can experience an internal peace and general wellbeing feeling, improving our life. It's also important to understand that meditation practice, at first, removes blocks, often rigid forms of defense, caused by fear, anger, and psychological problems preventing the soul to spread its light in the mind. So, it may happen that, in the first times of meditation practice, there are mood swings and fluctuating emotional states, just as a consequence of this mental purification process, induced by meditation. All this is quite normal. Unfortunately, many people believe that meditation has the unique goal of relaxation, so, as soon as they perceive some emotional disturb, they are deceived. Meditation is not a relaxation technique, but a powerful tool to expand our minds and free them from fear and other forms of pain. When the soul is free, we can experience unconditional love.

Note: This program will be enriched by each teacher individual experience. The outline we have here shown will be customized to the actual students’ needs and experiences. 

Yoga, literally, is a path leading to unite the Individual and God, the material part to the spiritual one. Yoga teaches us to see through our heart and to live in harmony with ourselves and with the others, through a series of balanced postures and breathings, developing more body-mind awareness. The ancient masters invented yoga postures, called ASANA’s in Sanskrit, thousands of years ago. They are so many. Some of the most important and effective, not so hard to practice, are accessible to all. Asana's are not a gym or stretching exercises, but actual spiritual practices, as they act on endocrine system glands, affecting hormones production and acting, at the same time, on the physical, psychic and spiritual levels. Yoga Alliance International recognised yoga school in Manchester.

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Important information

  • Provide a detailed overview of yoga exercises,
  • Understand the distinction that exists between gymnastic activities and yoga practices,
  • Acquire the perception of sensations and inner changes that occurs during the practice,
  • Develop a mastery of techniques suitable for the development of solid professionalism,
  • Train and make the students able to teach yoga.



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